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Broken String Biosciences is building a technology platform that accelerates the characterisation of novel genome editing technologies. This will unlock the next wave of cell & gene therapies.

Our vision is a future where cell & gene therapies are safer, more efficient, and affordable for patients. Starting with our DNA break mapping technology INDUCE-seq™, our data-driven platform reveals precisely how genome editors interact with and alter our genomes. This information is essential for the efficient development of novel genome editing systems and will unlock many new targets within the genome for therapeutic development.

Broken String Biosciences is backed by Illumina and Tencent and is based at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK.



INDUCE-seq™ is a game changing technology for the characterisation of genome breaks in cell & gene therapy applications.

Read more about INDUCE-seq™ in Nature Communications

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We are building partnerships with scientific leaders and world-renowned organisations.

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    Test post

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  • Broken String Biosciences joins Campus

    Broken String Biosciences joins Campus

    Cell & gene therapies based on genome editing technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 are positioned to become a new generation of transformative therapeutics, with the ability to correct disease at the genetic level. Because they directly alter our DNA and have the propensity to go ‘off-target’, assessing whether these therapies are safe for patients is extremely…

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  • Genomics company Broken String Biosciences expands presence within the Cambridge cluster with new laboratory at Chesterford Research Park

    Genomics company Broken String Biosciences expands presence within the Cambridge cluster with new laboratory at Chesterford Research Park

    Chesterford Research Park is delighted to welcome Broken String Biosciences to the Park’s eminent Science Village. Aiming to develop safer cell and gene therapies by assessing the stability of the genome, Broken String Biosciences is leveraging novel genomic sequencing approaches to build a technology platform that will drive the development of CRISPR cell and gene therapies that…

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